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Welcome! I’m Joe, a graphic designer and content creator based in London. I graduated from the University of Leeds in Graphic and Communication Design in 2019. Please feel free to explore some of my work on this website, showcasing a range of work from university projects, self initiated and industry based projects.

I am an all-rounder, so am happy working on a variety of projects using a diverse skillset, be it graphic illustration, branding, strategy, digital, or even a bit of animation. I am happy to turn my hand to most creative pathways and am a strong, versatile designer because of this.

I currently work as a junior graphic designer in a digital London agency. Previously, I  worked in house for a sustainable baby clothes company and have interned for a year within the food and drinks packaging industry and also within the advertising industry. Please feel free to ask me anything about it!

I am always open for freelance work, so if you are looking for anything graphics based, please do drop me a message and I'd love to have a chat about what you're thinking and help in any way that I can!

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