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BBC3 Website

BBC3 was taken off air and moved solely online, as a result a brief was set to redesign the website, injecting new energy and interaction for the 16-34 year old audience demographic.

iPhone Mocup final.jpg

Creative Concept

The concept for my design is two fold;

Firstly, every 2 weeks a new celebrity will run the site and social media. The celebrity curates the content with their ‘top picks’. The audience are allowed to submit questions to the celebrity to make the experience more interactive. The user can answer jokes and riddle to increase there chances of their question being answered. This fulfils the BBC Three principles, make me think (riddle), make me laugh (joke), give me a voice (submitquestion).

I chose illustration as my media as in my research I found young adults still love cartoons, watching them as a guilty pleasure, essentially they want to feel like a kid again as a grown up. This website is therefore fun and playful just like BBC Three.

Ambient touch point.jpg

Experiential Touchpoint

This “Colour Me In” mural, is accessible to all no matter their skill level. Illustration is beginning to get more of a noticeable recognition in the adult world as well now, it is no longer an activity just for children, with the introduction of adult colour books a recent trend that is becoming very popular amongst the 16-34 age group. 

This mural would be situated in a quiet place such as a library, aiming particularly at students who would be able to have a 10 minute break from studying by colouring a section in on the wall.

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