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COVID-19 App

This was a self initiated project that I decided to create in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. I spotted a gap in the gathering of Corona related information dissemination and decided to create an app which fixed this.

This app allowed for all to easily access information relating to COVID-19, the individual would sign up entering location which would allow the app to be personalised to that individual, displaying info from statistics on infection and mortality rates to recovery, across the nation as well as world wide. News would also be drawn in to the app from multiple sources i.e twitter and online articles and curated for the individual. Finally, a section of factual and background information with clear diagrams would explain to the viewer about the disease and offer information on topics such as  and how it spreads and how to best protect themselves.

iPhone X mockup front1.jpg
iPhone X mockup tilt left1.jpg
isometric layout.jpg
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