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A pill for instant sign language capabilties

This 'future today' brief allowed me to design a brand and packaging for a futuristic pill that gives the consumer the ability to communicate with the deaf through instant sign language.

Sense Mock up Final website.png

Pill box Packaging

The design concept is a metaphor for conversation in a deaf person's world. After interviewing a deaf man I found that often when lip reading, the deaf miss words or do not catch the whole sentence. This visual demonstrates the confusion and chaos of trying to piece together lots of different elements to make sense of the conversation. This product acts as a solution to that.

The product is aimed at deaf children to aid in child development, but must also appeal to parents as they are the buyer.

Brand Launch 1_edited.jpg

Brand Activation

This experiential event would encourage individuals in King's Cross Station to play a game of charades for prizes. Exemplifying how hard it is to communicate without speech, using just body language (similarly to sign language).

Players will be given a leaflet after partaking to associate the game with sign language and be asked to visit the website before being given their prize.

Insta Camp 2-10_edited.png
Poster Sense Mockup_edited.jpg
Sense Leaflet Front 1.jpg
Blutooth Connection.jpg
Insta Campaign-09.png
Desktop Mockup.jpg
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