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The Gravy Boat

This self initiated project came about from a conversation with a friend where we identified an opportunity in the market for a place that is somewhere between fast food and a restaurant where gravy is on tap! So I decided to make it happen.

This idea manifested itself in conversation and I just had to make it a graphic reality. There is not much out there, especially in the south of the UK where high quality gravy is sold, and as a nation we love our gravy, be it from our Sunday Roast or on our cheesy chips after a night out. The Gravy Boat is here to combat that. It is a unique place which falls somewhere between fast food and restaurant, where the individual can pick their vehicle for their gravy, the toppings of choice and lastly one of our uniquely crafted gravies. The identity therefore had to reflect this.

The Gravy Boat Branding-20.jpg

Creative Concept

With the branding for The Gravy Boat there was a need for it to look premium but simple and fun.  There is a subtle but clear reference to spilled gravy throughout the branding with the wavy, inconsistent line vectors. The branding itself is as if an individual had placed down the circular bottom of the gravy boat and left a gravy mark on the surface, but also nods at a seal of premium quality.


These wavy lines are carried throughout the branding across all media to unify the concept, which can be seen in the icons on the menu below as well as the website. 

The blues and white colour palette were chosen to uplift and stand out, which reflects its place in the market, sliding between restaurant and fast food outlet. There was still a need for it to have a sense of fun and youth, to offset the older tradition of a gravy boat, which is brought in by these colours.

Menu Front and Back
Apron Mock Up
Menu Close Up
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