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The Great
British Chirpy

This project was in response to an advertising brief set to encourage consumption of insect as an alternative protein source.

The Great British Chirpy is a fun and innovative answer to engage the British public in the possible consumption of insect by associating it with a nostalgic chip shop. The whole project is fronted with a sense of humour and so the press ads were a starting point for me as I had a plentiful list of puns that I could associate with bugs and I built it from there, looking then at a shop front and the social channels to expand the word of the business.

Social Media Ads Chirpy 5-05.jpg
Press Ads GBC Insects 4.2-04.jpg
Social Media Ads Chirpy 1-01.jpg
Press Ads GBC Insects 5-05.jpg
Press Ads GBC Insects 5.2-01.jpg
Social Media Ads Chirpy 1.2-02.jpg

Creative Concept

I came up with a variety of names, some of my favourites included “The Battered Bug”, “Battered Flies” as well as “The Great British Chirpy”. However I decided to go for the latter because of its strong British ties and its very subtle play on words. The chirp relates to the noise that insects like crickets make when vibrating their legs.

I chose to stick with seaside reminiscent colours to evoke the chippy nostalgia. The aim here with the logo was to make it very similar to the typical kitsch chippy logos that already adorn so many businesses around the country, I wanted it to feel friendly and familiar - as if you’ve seen it before, but also have a sense of humour.

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